An aggressive, combat-oriented rogue.


Rogue 3/Fighter 1
Neutral Good


AC 17, HP 38

Typical Full Attack: Scimitar +1 (+4,1d6+3); Unarmed Strike (+5,1d6+1)

Feats: Two-Handed Fighting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Finesse, Superior Unarmed Strike (from Tome of Battle)


Daughter of a wealthy family exiled from a distant land, she was raised on a winery and had a life of privilege. Her family were different than the locals. She was taught to believe in Junali, goddess of inspiration, luck, and war, in whom she maintains a deep devotion. She learned well her native tongue, and also the basics of the family martial arts which were taught in secret. However, at age 11 her family manor was raided and destroyed… by whom she does not know. Her family was murdered and she escaped to make her own way in the world, using her quick wit and luck to become a thief on the streets. Her basic goodness and faith in her goddess did not betray her, however, and through it all she managed to keep her sense of goodness intact, though she will always be suspicious of authority as they failed to protect her family.

Her adventures really began when she reaches the age of 19, and become embroiled in the mystery of a lizardman tribe causing trouble, which in turn leads to pirates, then slavers, then the masters of the slavers….

She has placed a lot of emphasis on improving her martial arts skills, to the point where she is as effective with her hands as with her scimitar or short sword. Combined with her high disguise and bluff, she will often scout for the party in disguise or infiltrate the enemy unarmed and apparently harmless. She is easily underestimated, which is how she likes it.

In battles she is nearly fearless and bloodthirsty; she frequently charges into the front lines, and often far ahead of her companions. In contrast to her carefully plotted schemes where she shows great intelligence, in the heat of battle she can be most unwise and this is perhaps her greatest flaw. Her tumbling skills have more than once saved her from situations where she has found herself suddenly outmatched and far from aid.


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